Golf Instruction [VIDEO]: Chipping

Posted by Cole Handley on May 16, 2017 8:27:00 AM


Before we get into chipping and pitching, let me start with one of my favorite points of golf instruction I give all my students when discussing short game:

“Putt when you can, chip when you can’t putt, and pitch only when you have to.”

Keeping that motto in mind will save you more strokes than any swing tips. We are all so used to watching the tour pros hit these nice high-lofted chips and pitches that land a foot or less from the hole and seem to stop on command.

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Keep It Simple

Here’s the deal: We aren’t as good as the pros; please don’t make the short game any harder on yourself than it already is. The sooner you can get the ball on the ground and rolling, the less room there is for error.

With that said, in this video, Jeff Ritter shares three priceless tips to help ensure you are setting yourself up for success when you’re forced to chip.

Tip #1 - Narrow the stance. Imagine there's a golf ball between your heels and leave an inch or two on each side of the ball.

Tip #2 - Flare your front foot out. Your back foot needs to be square or perpendicular to your target and your front foot should be open to your target, which will help get your body out of the way and allow the club and arms to travel inline with very little interference.

Tip #3 - By far, the most important tip: Keep your energy and weight moving toward the target when completing the forward swing. Make sure to feel your weight sit solid on that front foot all the way from contact through to the finish.

Remember: Don’t make chipping any harder than it is. A good, narrow stance, flared front foot, and energy moving toward the target with a nice smooth swing will undoubtedly save you strokes as you begin to adapt this thought process to your game.

Did you find these chipping tips helpful? Do you have any questions? If so, we'd love to hear from you in the comments section below. Let us know how you improved or if we can help you further. 

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