Eco Golf: Water Solutions at Poppy Hills

Posted by Cole Handley on Mar 15, 2017 9:02:00 AM

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If you are concerned about the California drought and water waste, you can be proud to call Poppy Hills home.

Many ask, why did you renovate? Was it to get the pros back? The answer is simple. We needed to save water.

We were running a golf course with and irrigation system that was over 30 years old. While it did do the job, there was a ton of room for improvement -- both for saving water and overall turf conditions.

That was the challenge the NCGA posed to the Robert Trent Jones, Jr. architecture team. We needed to maintain championship course conditions on a daily basis and reduce our water consumption. Three years after the completion of the project, I am thrilled to say that we have been successful at both.

The Incredible Technology Underneath Your Spikes

The technology sitting underneath your spikes is absolutely incredible. For the water and golf nerds out there, I’m going to elaborate a bit on what we are working with at the newly renovated "eco golf" friendly Poppy Hills.

  • 1800 Individually Controlled Sprinkler Heads - Our Toro Precision sprinkler heads are designed to use ⅓ less water to achieve the distance throw of more conventional nozzles.  
    • Our Superintendent can literally control each sprinkler with a touch of a button to ensure that only a minimal amount of water is used -- and that it's distributed only where it's needed.
  • Wireless Soil Monitoring System Installed - This system is crucial for our water savings on our fairways, roughs and greens. It utilizes wireless monitors to measure soil moisture, salinity and temperature and reports back to the superintendent real-time data so that we have an up-to-the-second pulse on the health of our turf. This system also tells you where you need to water and where you don’t -- providing Poppy Hills with the most consistent tee-to-green turf conditions in the state.  
    • EVERY INCH OF TURF IS MEASURED AND CALCULATED FOR CONSISTENCY! I don’t think there’s another course out there that can say that.
  • Poppy Hills has Joined Forces with the Pebble Beach Company - We've invested in our water savings and commitment to remaining environmentally positive by treating all of the waste water from the local community and reusing it on the course. This provides a perfect and safe habitat for wildlife -- and a beautiful place for the community to enjoy.

As leaders, we take our role seriously by having a true understanding and appreciation of the game.

If you're looking for a club to support -- one that's doing good things for the game, as well as for the environment -- bring your group to enjoy a guilt-free round at Poppy Hills.

Click the button below to learn more, or call us at (831) 250-1819.

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