The Perks of Playing Golf in the Rain

Posted by Cole Handley on Jan 23, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Growing up on the Oregon Coast with a passion for the game of golf, if I wanted to play more than once a year (just kidding, kind of) I had to learn to embrace the rain.

With our recent wet Northern California weather patterns at our Pebble Beach course, I am quickly reminded of many of my favorite rainy day golf memories. Leaning into the wind to keep from falling over, stuffing my 85th broken umbrella into the bottom of my golf bag and making sure I didn’t hit the ball too high so that it didn't plug seven inches deep and never be found are just a few that come to mind.


Playing in the Rain Requires Routine & Practice

There are many perks to playing golf in the rain at Poppy Hills of Pebble Beach

What I learned is that playing in the rain requires a routine and practice, just like playing in the sun. The more I played in the rain the better I got at handling the elements; I learned to love the challenge. I got to play shots I never would have hit had the sun been shining down. I was able to throw darts right at the flag, and laugh at my buddies when they took a little too much turf -- covering their faces  in mud. Choose to laugh and have fun -- vs. cry and moan -- and you’ll soon learn there are many perks to being more than just a fair-weather golfer.

Top 5 Perks of Playing in the Rain:

  1. The golf course will be yours (especially in California!). Who doesn’t love to be one of the only golfers on a course? The serenity of being out there alone in the quiet is worth a few cold rain drops down your neck.
  2. If you have the right gear, there is very little difference from playing when it’s dry. The day I found rain gloves was like the day all of life's problems were solved. Add a good jacket, two hand warmers, some good shoes and some Gortex pants and you’ll be on top of the world enjoying yet another wonderful round of the game you love so much.
  3. Discounts! Most golf professionals (including myself) cringe when the forecast calls for weather. The world’s most popular course suddenly becomes a ghost town. A savvy shopper will most likely be surprised when they call the shop and ask if they can get a deal if they play in the weather. Last time I checked, $1 is more than $0 dollars. Most pros are happy just to see another person on a rainy day; the chances of getting a twilight rate at 9 a.m. look pretty good for a rainy day golfer.
  4. Pride. Go play 18 holes in the wind and rain and tell me you don’t feel like a badass. It only takes six minutes to change your clothes and be completely dry after four hours in the pouring rain -- but the stories of your triumph over the weather will last a lifetime.
  5. Feel like a kid again. It’s ok to jump in a puddle with your Footjoys on. And trust me, it’s just as fun as it was when you were four years old! Have you ever noticed the smile on a child's face when he or she is out running around in the rain? What’s the difference for us?

Playing golf in the rain is a skill that can be acquired.

Come Play Golf in the Rain at Poppy Hills of Pebble Beach

If you made it this far in reading the blog, I hope you’re doing so while digging out your rain gloves and calling your golf buddies to see if they want to go outside to play.

Let us always remember: We started playing this game and continue to play it because it’s fun! Give us a call in the shop at 831-250-1819 and come be a kid again at Poppy Hills!

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