Golf Instruction [VIDEO]: Putting Grip

Posted by Cole Handley on Aug 24, 2017 6:04:21 AM


Are you holding your putter correctly? Are you looking for a new feel on the greens? Would you like to make more putts?

It’s time to try out one of the all-time best putting grips in golf. The Reverse Overlap. In the past 10+ years of teaching I’ve seen every variation of putting grip imaginable but this one remains my favorite.

The most important part of the putting grip is consistency and hand/finger placement. Doing this poorly is not at all uncommon and is the culprit of many missed putts.

Have a listen to Jeff on how he determines that the grip is going on the club the same way every time and give it a go yourself. Remember that as you focus on your hands and fingers your brain's tendency is to tell the fingers to squeeze tighter. As you work with this new grip or variation of your current grip make sure you are keeping you fingers and hands tension free. It is the rocking of the shoulders and the length of the stroke that add the speed and the distance to the roll not the pressure or “hitting” with the hands.

Remember whether you adopt Jeff’s method or come up with your own, the real key to to make sure you placing your hands in the same spot, with the same amount of pressure, every single time. Do this and you are bound to roll more putts to the center of the cup. Thank you for reading this golf instruction blog post. 

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