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Posted by Cole Handley on May 23, 2017 9:03:00 AM

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Trapping the ball. You hear it talked about all the time and you’ve no doubt felt it -- but what does it really mean and how do you know if you are actually doing it?

Jeff provides the perfect drill in this golf instruction video. It's almost so easy that it’s stupid. If you're struggling with trapping the ball, the method here is to find the middle of the two extremes. 

With chipping, as we taught last week, its incredibly important to get your ball down the correct path so that you are leaving yourself with a makeable putt to seal your up and down.

During this drill, you must be conscious of your swing path or the path that the club head is traveling on. Do you know what your path tendencies are? With my students, from chipping all the way to the full swing from the outside to the inside path is no doubt the most common.

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There are Essentially 3 Paths Where the Club Will Travel:

  1. Outside to inside (most common among amateurs) 
  2. Inside to outside
  3. Down the line

To complete this drill, practice by taking your first swing or first few swings and making an over emphasized inside to outside path. This should cause the ball to be pushed or miss left of target.

Next, do the opposite. Feel the club move from outside your target line coming from the outside to the inside creating a pull or chip that is missed to the left of the target.

Once you’ve felt the extremes, take your third chip and split the difference from the previous two swings. You will feel an overwhelmingly simple and accurate result and will be on your way to much more success.

If you’re not sure what direction your club is traveling in, set a club on the ground with the grip pointing toward the target. Next place your clubface leading edge on top of the club on the ground creating a “T” with the clubface and the ground club. Next, simply start making a small swing and you will see if the face is moving inside (toward your body) to outside (away from body) or vice versa -- or just to the right.

Whenever you are having issues getting the ball to travel online toward the target remember this “trapping tip” and find your happy medium.

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