Golf Instruction [VIDEO]: How to Fix a Slice in Your Golf Swing

Posted by Cole Handley on Jul 11, 2017 7:38:52 AM

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How to Fix a Slice in Your Golf Swing

Are you fighting a slice?

According to all of the information I can find, the consensus is you are standing alongside 85% of golfers.

The question is, why? Why are so many golfers prone to the dreaded left to right? The answer is simple and it lies mostly in the set up.

That’s right. Before you even pick the club off the ground or move it even one inch, you’re already doomed.

Here are three simple moves to make in your address position to help cure that slice you’ve been fighting your whole life:

  1. Move your hips more toward your target. Most likely your hips are too far back behind the ball and open.
  2. Move your hands up and toward the target. With the longer club and wider stance it is very common for golfers to allow their hands to fall way too far behind the ball -- leaving absolutely no room for anything but a fade -- if you’re lucky -- or a nasty slice.
  3. Close your body. This doesn’t need to be a drastic move,  just a simple one inch adjustment to the inside by moving your shoulders, hips and feet slightly toward the ball.

Once these adjustments have been made, allow yourself to swing freely as if nothing changed and you’ll be amazed with what you’ll find. The holy grail, a baby draw.

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