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Posted by Cole Handley on Feb 10, 2017 11:37:31 AM

Poppy Hills was blessed to be a co-host to the amazing Pebble Beach Pro-Am event from 1991 -- when it replaced Cypress Point -- up until 2010, when Poppy Hills was replaced with the current co-host, Monterey Peninsula Country Club.

The Pebble Beach Pro Am was hosted by Poppy Hills until 2010.

I’m going to take this time to answer some of our most common questions regarding the event. 

#1: Are you ever going to get the Pros back?

  • The honest answer here is that you never know. The publicity garned from an event like this is fantastic, and we were very fortunate to have had the event at Poppy Hills. Some of my best memories working here have been at that event -- but the past is the past and I’m extremely excited about the future.
  • As of now, Monterey Peninsula Country Club has a contract thru 2019 and a lot can change between now and then. Only time will tell whether we'll get the Pros back, but if it was up to me I’d welcome them with open arms.

#2: Did Poppy Hills renovate for the purpose of getting the AT&T Pro-Am tournament back?

  • No. This is probably the most common misconception. There were 3 key factors for the renovation.
    • #1 - Save Water - With water on the Monterey Peninsula jumping from $300 to $5000 per acre-foot, serious changes were a must if our organization wanted to continue to thrive while keeping our member fees as low as possible. Eliminating 25 acres of irrigated turf provided the solution we needed.
    • #2 - Improve Drainage - If you’re a fan of the tournament going on this week you’ve no doubt heard of the “Cosby Weather.” The old Poppy Hills couldn’t handle the downpours and we were left with conditions that were very hard to recover from within a short time period. This may or may not have been a big part of why the tournament left Poppy. However, needless to say, it didn’t help.  
    • #3 - Modernize the Layout - Golf in 1986 looked a lot different than golf in 2016. The NCGA is committed to being the leaders in the industry, so the layout update was perfectly timed with the water savings and drainage improvement goals. Our new layout, if you haven’t experienced it yet, is all about the ground game. You’ll find firm and fast conditions and your putter will be your best friend. Leave the sand wedge in the trunk, and wear your creativity hat because that is the secret to success when navigating the Poppy Hills trail. 

#3: What other events is Poppy Hills looking to host?

  • We are committed to a long-time, great relationship with the Pure Insurance First Tee Open as co-hosts with Pebble Beach Golf Links and the PGA Champions Tour. The senior tour loves the new Poppy and we love sharing it! In 2017, the event will take place September 18-24, so mark your calendars now!
  • We are extremely thrilled to host the 2018 US Girls' Junior Championship hosted by the United States Golf Association July 16-21st, 2018. Learn more by clicking here.
  • The Northern California Golf Association has scheduled 18 Championships for 2017 -- open to all NCGA members to test their skills against their peers. See a full schedule here.
  • Poppy Hills is also home to the St. Mary’s Invitational, which attracts many of the top collegiate athletes for three days of competition at Poppy Hills every November.
  • We also have our eyes on attracting an NCAA Regional and hopefully a National Championship in the future.

Poppy Hills hosted the Pebble Beach Pro-Am tournament up until 2010.

As you can see, the team at Poppy Hills and the NCGA are going strong with one of the most robust and exciting tournament calendars in the U.S. on the newest PGA Tour Championship course in Pebble Beach. And although we do miss being part of the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am action this week, we are thrilled to share all that Poppy Hills has to offer with the public and the fans as the closest place you can play during this great event.

If you’re like me, nothing makes you want to hit the links more than watching a day of others enjoying the game. Stop wasting time and get your name on the books now!

Your own Poppy Hills experience is literally one click away!  Click the link below or call (831) 250-1819 to  book a tee time or to learn more.

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