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Posted by Cole Handley on Feb 1, 2017 9:32:00 AM

Come to Poppy Hills golf course of Pebble Beach for a custom club fitting at their TaylorMade studio

With the golf technology that’s available today, you are seriously missing out if you have never been professionally fit for golf clubs. Quite often, we have discovered that many golfers’ “swing” issues are not the cause of a poor golf swing, but are actually symptoms of ill-fitted equipment.

Come in for a club fitting at Poppy Hills golf course

Here’s the deal. It’s a fact that every single golfer and golf swing are different. Today’s technology allows skilled fitters to take each component of the golf club and customize it to make sure golfers are getting the most out of the clubs that they purchase.

TaylorMade Studio Will Look for Inconsistencies in Your Clubs

Need a club fitting? Come into Poppy Hills golf course TaylorMade studio


When I was going through the Professional Golf Management program, one of our projects was to evaluate our current set to look for inconsistencies. We used loft and lie machines, shaft frequency and swing weight gauges, checked our grip sizes and club lengths, ect. The results of what the class found was absolutely shocking.

I had a three wood labeled as a stiff flex that I hit left all day long. It was the only club that did that and I always just figured I did something goofy in my swing to create that result. I then learned that the “stiff” shaft, when tested, was actually registering as a women's flex. No wonder it was going left!

Our class found huge variations within their own sets, ranging from inconsistent flexes, totally different lies from club to club and even some sand wedges and gap wedges that came in at the exact same loft!

Keep in mind that I'm not talking about clubs that were found on Craigslist. These clubs were top of the line (or so we thought) from golf’s leading manufacturers.

Make Sure That Your Golf Equipment is Working for You

It is always so painful to me when I walk the range line at Poppy and look into people's bag only to find many of their most infuriating golf issues have nothing to do with the work they are putting in on their game. And even worse -- people start to make poor swing adjustments to make the bad equipment work for them.

NCGA Members Receive Free TaylorMade Fitting

If you’re an NCGA member and you haven’t been fit, or at the bare minimum, had your lofts and lies checked and evaluated you deserve to be struggling. You have no excuse, IT’S FREE! Yes, all NCGA members receive a free club fitting and set evaluation each year with their membership.

Other than the massive discounts you receive at Poppy Hills in my opinion this is the next greatest benefit to the NCGA membership.

There are a few things that makes a Poppy Hills fitting truly unique:

  1. One-on-one fittings with Taylor Made Master Fitters. Trust me there is a huge difference between getting fit from someone who does it on the side vs. someone that does it for a living. The team at Poppy Hills are the same guys that work with Tiger, DJ, Jason Day. You get the point.
  2. Our Taylor Made Performance Studio is one of only two in the nation! If you haven’t seen it you’ve got to come by Poppy Hills and check it out! What this means for you is that once your perfect set prescription is made we head straight into the studio and meticulously build your set. The coolest part to me is you get to be part of that process. You can head into the studio with your fitter and watch them build it right in front of you!
  3. We always have the latest and greatest. Being a home of one of only two Performance Studios in the nation has it’s perks. If you want to find the newest stuff or hit it first look no further. If anyone has it, it’s us.
  4. Poppy Hills isn’t trying to break your bank. We want this to be a service to our membership. Many private clubs members are weary to come by because they get a better price at their club. Club professionals are encouraged to send their members to Poppy to get fit and we are happy to send the billing directly to the members club making sure they get the same prices they would had they bought it out of their own shop.
  5. If you still need convincing did I mention that it’s FREE for NCGA members?

Set an Appointment at Poppy Hills’ TaylorMade Studio

Quit wasting your time wondering if the clubs you have in your bag are right for you. Let the guys that do it for a living either bring you peace of mind that you have the right stuff  -- or if you don’t -- let them build you something better.

We fit seven days a week, by appointment only. If you are not a member the same experience can be purchased for $175. There is zero pressure to purchase and every person fit walks away with a fully customized spec sheet to keep with them for when they are ready to invest.

Call us today at (831) 250-1819, follow our TaylorMade Golf Studio on Facebook or schedule your fitting today by clicking here.

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